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About Us


Is a fully integrated, Frozen Distribution for Retail & Wholesale Frozen Foods Distribution Business. Based in Florida. With presence for over 18 years, we have specialized in recognizing market needs on Frozen Foods Distribution not only Florida but the whole U.S. territory, for buying and selling the best quality of frozen products like:


  1. IQF Fried Products like: whole sweet plantain, sweet plantain slice, Hawaiian tostones and regular tostones.

  2. Frozen Tubercles Products in chunk like: white malanga/yautia and cassava.

  3. Frozen Frozen Mass like: yautia, alcapurrias, banana, cassava and plantain.

  4. Frozen Pulps of Fruits like: Passion Fruit, Mamey, Mangoes, Papaya, Pineapple, Blackberry and so on.

  5. Frozen Vegetables chunk like: pumpkin

  6. Frozen plantain leaf.

  7. Flour Products like: Cassava, Yautia, Plantain.

  8. Snacks Products like: Green Plantain Chips, Sweet Plantain Chips, Cassava Chips, Yautia Chips.


The President Mrs. Grace Abad currently hold a wide client’s date base and listing of previous clients to connect a great frozen vegetables distributors offering potential client’s needs. Prior to starting the Frozen Vegetable Distribution, Mrs. Abad has been operated an exporter factory of Frozen Pulp Fruit and Plantain as well, with 20 years of experience in processing and packaging for major distributors in the US, their product was in large retailers displays such as Walmart & Publix with different levels. Their experience brought a combination of Manufacturing and Distribution. Business experience to satisfy the customers’ expectation which underpin the safety and confidence of the final buyers.


MANZHI PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL CORP., has as purpose the distribution in the international market not only of its products coming from AGROPRONTO S.A. headquarters, but also of other manufacturing plants of South America and Central America. MAN-ZHI PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL CORP., and the human power it manages is a talented team that has manufactured products for other giants in the international distribution market, both within and outside the United States. Located among the first distributors of frozen products in the USA, and in the world. Also, their goal is to distribute their products with their own brand:  "El Labrador"






The previously revised investment opportunities, plus growth opportunities based on the vast experience gained over the years has made AGROPRONTO S.A.'s Ecuador Board of Directors decide to invest in an aggressive expansion plan, and work on the American market with the direction of  Mrs. Grace Abad as CEO. The Board decided to invest in office space, frozen warehousing, vehicles, and other assets to ensure a resounding success in the expansion of the company into the United States.

Agropronto S.A.

It is a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of Fruit Pulps, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Yucca, Ripened Precooked Plantain in oil, Fresh Plantain and Fresh Banana, and a variety of Flours (Plantains, Banana, Cassava and Malanga). These products are sold in International Markets and are currently in their internationalization project.

In addition to the products mentioned above, AGROPRONTO S.A. manufactures several derivatives of Yuca/Cassava and Sweet Plantain such as: Pan de Yuca, Yuquita, Buñuelos. Since 2004 AGROPRONTO S.A. Exports pulp of exotic fruits such as Maracuyá/Passion Fruit, Mamey, Guanábana/Sour Sop, Mora/Blackberry, among others. In 2005 we produced Cassava Dough, Malanga Dough, Alcapurrias Dough, Banana Dough, Whole Frozen Pumpkin Dough. In the year 2007 AGROPRONTO S.A. exported Cassava Flour, Malanga, and Banana. From the year 2009 AGROPRONTO S.A. has exported precooked frozen plantain, and for the year 2014 AGROPRONTO S.A. exported frozen Tostones.


On the international markets, it exports to the U.S. since 1997 through other intermediaries and to Europe since 2001, it also supplies large juice factories in Europe, Puerto Rico and the U.S. with fruit pulp as a raw material, semi-processed products (Green Tortillas, Empanadas de Verde, Muchines de Yuca, Churros). Additionally, we manufacture products with Institutional Sales in presentations such as: 200 kg. tank, 18 kg. 

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